Shield Nickels Want List

No one will ever have a complete set of shield nickel varieties. Besides the large number of scarce varieties, new varieties are found on a regular basis. This is one of the joys of collecting shield nickel varieties - the hunt is never ending.

Although I have obtained a large number of shield nickel varieties, there are a few that still rise to the top of my want list. If you have any of these varieties available, I (Howard Spindel) am very interested in discussing obtaining them. My preferred grade is EF and better. Just click on my linked name to initiate an email to me.

The want list:

1867 FS-1310 (2.75) MPD 1 in the right shield bottom    Found! Thank you, CS.
1868 FS-106 (3.96) Strong DDO southwest
1868 FS-310 (3.98) RPD very strongly south
1870 FS-103 (5.75) Strong DDO, RPD wide right
1871 FS-101 (006) DDO
1872 FS-308 (7.8) Small over large date
1882 FS-301 (12.5) RPD strong west    Found! Thank you, BT.

I am always interested in looking at other shield nickel varieties, particularly doubled dies and strong repunched dates. But the varieties listed above are at the top of my wantlist. Thank you for looking.

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